Work Experience (5)

Oct 2022 - Current
Head of platform engineering
  • Research and implement internal data platform v2, with CI/CD for integration and unit tests, dependencies and code changes

  • Use Terraform with Infracost to asses infrastructure cost to prune unused/underutilized resources, saving more than 100 USD / month (FinOps)

  • Design and implement end-to-end cloud-native application deployment (Terraform for infra/secrets, Helm for application deployment, GitHub Actions for CI/CD, Kubernetes for container orchestration)

  • Lead a major core product refactoring across ops, engineering and data (data engineering, data science and machine learning engineering). Affected areas: data pipelines, model training pipelines, real-time inference endpoints, database performance optimization, deployment pipelines, local development workflow

  • Lead a cloud migration from AWS to GCP

Jan 2022 - Sep 2022
Lead Data Engineer | Machine Learning Engineer | SRE
  • Enable backend team to perform auto-deployment to ECS with Terraform and GitHub Actions

  • Manage repo permissions / secrets / webhooks with Terraform

  • Research BI solution to consolidate fragmented dashboard platforms into a single one

  • Setup Grafana for centralized metrics and logs monitoring

  • Introduce Sourcegraph to help with code search and refactoring

  • Setup GitOps for Terraform to enable collaboration between different teams, in turn reducing configuration drift

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022
Senior Data Engineer
  • Reduce development time for ETL pipelines from a week to 1 day via workflow redesign + codebase refactoring

  • Mentor data engineers

  • Consult other teams as a platform engineer

  • Set up alerts & monitoring to automatically notify task failures (ChatOps)

  • Create a script to automatically grant postgres access permission based on user groups, with option for special permissions per-user basis

  • Optimize a large spark pipeline that fails often due to OOM with divide-and-conquer method for unlimited scaling

  • Reduce runtime for PR code quality checks by 90% to shorten feedback loop cycle

  • Set up secrets management using SOPS/Terraform/AWS SSM, for improved security and secrets rotation

  • Launched Baania Engineering Blog, a platform to showcase how Baania does things behind the scenes

  • Reduce employee onboarding time per employee by a few days via a setup script to setup necessary tools, applications and environment for development

Apr 2018 - Jan 2021
Data Engineer
  • Create and maintain data gathering infrastructure for daily ingestion and processing to be stored in data lake (S3)

  • Create and optimize machine learning models to achieve near-realtime performance

  • Create and maintain ETL pipelines via task orchestrator to reduce data update frequency from once a month to daily

  • Deploy and maintain ML via cloud services to reduce ML deployment time from a day to within minutes

  • Mentor data scientists

  • Automate infrastructure and governance using Terraform

  • Package cron services to AWS ECS and invoke via AWS ECS Task to cut down cost from 50 USD / year to 0.1 USD / year

Jan 2015 - Dec 2018
IT Support & SysAdmin

Projects (8)

Dec 2017 - Current
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • helm
  • terraform
  • Alternative / self-hosted version for popular subscription services: Netflix, Spotify, LastPass, Trello, Dropbox, NordVPN, etc.

  • Managed via docker-compose and helm

  • Use Caddy for reverse-proxy

  • Use terraform to manage DNS via Cloudflare

Nov 2022 - Current
  • Nix
  • environment
  • dotfiles
  • package manager
  • A cross-platform setup script that works with both Linux and Mac.

Aug 2023 - Aug 2023
  • postgres
  • ssh tunneling
  • cli
  • pgcli wrapper to connect to PostgreSQL database specified in db.yaml. Proxy/tunnel connection is automatically created and killed when pgcli is exited.

GKE Autopilot Cost Calculator
Sep 2023 - Sep 2023
  • streamlit
  • gke
  • Calculate GKE Autopilot workloads cost.

  • Available for normal application deployments and spark-submit jobs.

Vercel - Multi Branch Deployment
Jun 2023 - Jun 2023
  • terraform
  • github actions
  • vercel
  • Use GitHub Actions to deploy a frontend project from different branches (dev, uat, master), each with their own preview environment.

Spark on Kubernetes
Sep 2023 - Sep 2023
  • spark
  • kubernetes
  • minio
  • finops
  • devex
  • Run spark jobs on kubernetes, which can be used both locally and on production environment.

Dataframe Frameworks Showdown
Apr 2023 - Apr 2023
  • duckdb
  • polars
  • spark
  • dataframe
  • data engineering
  • Benchmark performance between duckdb, polars and spark. In addition to runtime, RAM usage is also provided.

Impute Pipelines
Nov 2019 - Dec 2019
  • Machine Learning
  • data science
  • hyperparameter tuning
  • Use machine learning to fill in missing data

  • Utilize hyperparameter tuning to find the optimum parameters

Education (1)

2015 - 2018
Information and Communication Technology
Rangsit University


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